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Solutions That Empower The Equine Industry

The Problem

The equine industry creates a lot of useful data. Hiring the right talent to understand the analytics, set up the right infrastructure and build a customized database is prohibitively expensive. Not only does the IT talent cost money, but internal staff in your own organization are distracted trying to help IT people understand the business. Common problems arise, and productivity and growth are hindered.  Do you relate to these situations? We can help.

Overwhelmed by Data

The power of  data can be the difference between a thriving business that has high visibility in the industry and a struggling business reacting to market forces when it is too late.

Finding Talent

Hiring top-tier tech talent is a challenge even for technology companies, how can the equine industry hope to compete? Outsourcing is a good option, but can be a waste of time if the third party is unfamiliar with the specialized nature of the equine industry.

IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure can be a significant capital expense, one that does not depreciate well. It can be challenging to know what services you really need and what is going to help support your organization scale according to needs.

Subject Matter Expertise

Equine data is a challenging field. Even experts in Europe do not understand the data in the U.S and vice versa. Subject matter expertise in equine data is difficult if not impossible to find. You need an industry leader in international equine data.


All this in-house IT is really expensive. Many stakeholders in your business may doubt its usefulness, which is why things progress at a snail’s pace and those with higher IT budgets steal the race. What if there was another way?


Even outsourcing these key areas to third parties means that you have to explain what you want and hours of your staff’s time is spent giving requirements. You may not even fully know what you want or need. A company that knows horses and data is the answer.

Enterprise Technology Meets the Equine Industry

The Solution

We assembled the very best team of software developers and data scientists to build our data platform for horse identification. At Equicore we have a platform that many associations can utilize to manage their data and horse identification while maintaining a high level of privacy and security. The platform is already built and in use, so it keeps costs low. If you don’t want to change your system we can help you to use what you have more effectively.

Data Platform

Our highly scalable data platform can be used to manage any horse organization or association database. We can manage horse identification, member records and much more.


Our team of software developers can create customized workflows and separate applications that support your business needs with the data you require. 

Web Services

We can provide integrated web-services and a restful API to connect you with the data you need.

IT Consulting

 Our cross-functional team of developers, data experts, and infrastructural people can help you to build and execute your IT strategy seamlessly with your other business processes.

System Upgrades

Our goal is to bring you value and to transform the way you use data. We can upgrade your existing system and augment it with some new light applications in our platform suite.

Business Intelligence

We give Equine companies and organizations the tools they need to gain actionable insights. We will take data in any form and our data scientists will perform analyses to deliver reports and dashboards.

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