Instant Access to Millions Of Horses Worldwide



Instant Access to Millions of Horses Worldwide

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Looking for a horse?

Equicore Online is the only platform built for the equine industry.  It merges any information on a horse in available databases around the world.  Launching 2017 with only verified data and more horses than any other source. Stay tuned as we continue to add millions of horses and data from sources around the world!

Number of Horses

Competition Results

Microchip Numbers

Breeds Represented

To find a horse you only need one source.

When You Want To Know The Story

Find it in one easy to access view in Equicore Online.  The only source to merge information from all areas of a horse’s life into one record.  One horse.  One Life.  One view.

Identification Information

Because the core of every horse’s life is their identity.  Merging all registration numbers, competition identities, and the data that surrounds them.


Microchip Number

The only source where you can search horses internationally by microchip number for immediate identification across 310 breeds around the world.


In Equicore Online, we show four generations of pedigrees. When there is data available on horses within the pedigree, the name will show as a hyperlink and take you straight to their record.

Competition Results

Horses often compete in more than one country or discipline.  Only Equicore Online combines national and international results across countries and disciplines  in one record per horse.

Breeding Data

Breeding licenses, evaluations, and approvals provide insight into a horse’s traits, potential, and history.


Progeny is listed directly in the horse record and when there is additional data available, the name will show as a hyper link to take you instantly to their record. Because a horse’s identity is also built on the legacy of it’s progeny.


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Start Your 14-Day FREE Trial


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