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No Boundaries

The Problem

We are part of a divided industry.  At its core we are united by one thing – the love of the horse.  But out of that core stems divided factions.  Even though they are expected to support one another, they are often diametrically opposed.   This division can only be solved by a higher level of communication enabled by unhindered data exchange between every equine organization.

The Solution

Imagine…an advanced universal network of verified equine data designed to empower every facet of our industry. Where there are no national, geographical or organizational boundaries and all the information can be found on a horse in one source. Although the way you use Equicore is simple, the proprietary engineering behind it makes it the only advanced web-based database in the industry.  Through revolutionary design and engineering, this platform allows seamless national and international data exchange and analytics for every user in the equine industry.  From horse owner, breeder, or rider to breed organizations, competition federations or companies producing products to support the equine industry – we provide you an entirely new dimension of equine data access.

Empowering You

Equicore is dedicated solely to bringing you global equine data tracking and cutting edge data science and analytics.  Using only verified sources, Equicore integrates horse identification, pedigree, breeding and competition data.  It then turns this information that has only been shown in two-dimensional format into interactive visualizations on your dashboard, thus providing shortcuts to information you need through cutting edge graphics. All of this is accessible at the click of a button and empowers you to make the most informed decisions with data and analytics you’ve never had access to before.

Equicore…bringing the world together and putting the power of information at your fingertips.


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