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Founded in 2015 out of Oklahoma, Equicore is the industry leader in international equine data and positive horse identification. Our mission is to be the catalyst for integration of technology in the equine industry for positive impact. Based on the idea that innovation empowers passion, we are committed to supporting every facet of the equine industry through advanced technology solutions.

With team members in the United States, Ireland, and India, Equicore is uniquely positioned to provide the most complete global perspective on equine data.  From identification to breeding and competition results, microchipping, medical data and more, we believe there are no boundaries to data tracking. Inspiration is our driving force and the possibilities are endless.


Summer Stoffel

Summer Stoffel

Chief Executive Officer

Summer Stoffel has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Business Management and has consulted on marketing and strategic planning for various multi-million dollar companies. She also has lifelong experience in the equine industry and is the Owner/President of Silver Creek International, which has bred horses that are competing both nationally and internationally. In addition to her work with the international breed registries and sports federations, she also currently serves on the United States Equestrian Federation Horse Recording and ID Task Force Committee and as a consultant to numerous organizations regarding agricultural data tracking and RFID technology.  This experience in the field has led to her being at the forefront of the current education effort regarding positive horse identification.

R Sterling Snead

R Sterling Snead

Chief Business Development Officer

Sterling is an experienced IT professional and business analyst. He has 10 years in the IT industry focusing on data warehousing, cloud data center systems, and proprietary data center methodologies. He has spent the last 5 years in applied data science, mathematics, computer science, and management information systems. Specializations include translating business methodologies into software applications that save capital, and creating efficiencies from C-level down. He has experience developing software and big data infrastructures in the energy sector and he and his team have custom developed patent pending hardware infrastructure, custom operating systems, and custom cryptology. He has a bachelor’s in business and his certifications include A+, Net+, Sec+, Certified Data Centre Professional, and Certified Data Centre Specialist.

Richard Skinner

Richard Skinner

Chief Technical Officer

Richard is a highly experienced IT professional and business consultant with almost a decade of experience in overseeing development of enterprise level software for large healthcare organizations and blue chip companies. He has worked for over 8 years in the area of healthcare informatics solutions and has lead the development and successful implementation of multinational projects in many different countries. He is specialist in Agile Project Management with business critical and highly data intensive systems.

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