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The Scene of the Horse World is Changing

Data…Information Technology….Positive Identification…these terms have not been at the forefront of equestrians’ minds.  Until now.  In an industry built on paper transactions and surrounding customs, traditions, and centuries of history, hearing these terms seems almost foreign.  Except now they are being heard throughout every aspect of the equestrian world.  The scene of the horse world has changed on every level.

Thanks to the growth and popularity of technology and social media, sale horses are seen by countless people in numerous countries that would otherwise be unaware of the their availability.  Breeders can promote the success of the horses and ponies they produce over social media and draw buyers from all corners of the earth.  Buyers have a larger selection of horses to choose from because of the increased access to information.  Breed Organizations, National Federations, and the FEI can educate their members easily on a mass scale and promote their programs to stimulate growth and participation.  From the individual all the way up to the international level, the horse world has become connected.

Gone are the days where various aspects of the industry were separated out and irrelevant to each other.  Breeding and sport have built the bridge between their two interests called Positive Horse Identification. This benefits the breed organizations so they can track the data on the horses they produce and thus manage and promote their businesses.  Of course this benefits the sports federations by supplying the competitions with a plentiful supply of horses.  But not just horses….positively identified horses.  Horses whose age can be verified, and thus regulated in competition.  Whose identity can be verified in drugging, measurement, and eligibility cases when contested.  You see, competitions are built on a foundation of regulations.  These regulations are only as good as the data used to enforce them.  If competitions are full of horses whose identity cannot be verified, then the regulations are useless and fraud becomes rampant.  So the benefits to both sides are undeniable and thus the bridge was built.  In the United States, because of the lack of involvement of the government in the identification regulation process and fractured nature of the industry, the bridge has been building over a longer period of time.  However, with the advancement of technology, this bridge of Positive Identification has been strengthening all over the world with the supports of database platforms and cables of data exchange.

With the growth of interest in equestrian sports in emerging countries in Asia and the UAE, among others, verified data and data tracking is becoming vital.  Many companies have recognized the need for data tracking over the last few years and have launched websites that give users access to databases.  Unfortunately, in their collaboration of data, they have allowed data input from outside sources or even from users themselves in addition to verified sources.  Adding unverified data to these databases leads to corrupted data.  Corrupted data leaves loopholes for fraud.

At Equicore, we are committed to clean and uncorrupted data to reinforce the bridge of Positive Horse Identification worldwide.  Using our proprietary cutting edge Big Data technology we only use data from verified sources. The scene of the horse world is changing.  And so is the technology that supports it.  What does the future of horse identification look like?  No ads.  No stories.  No fluff.  Just facts.

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