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Introducing Data Science to the Equine Industry

Providing cutting-edge technologies to empower every sector in the global equine industry.

You found the unicorn.

A unicorn in the field of IT, particularly in Data Science, is a company or person with three particular skills: Computer Science, Statistics, and Domain Knowledge (knowledge about the industry). At Equicore, we pride ourselves in being the only company to possess all three skills within our team. As the industry expert in global positive horse identification and data, we are thrilled to bring this new level of services to the equine industry.

Domain Knowledge

We understand all the facets of the equine industry across the globe – positive identification, breeding, competition, genomics, disease, pedigree, etc. .

IT Development

Our global team has vast experience in developing IT solutions across many industries utilizing cutting-edge tools such as blockchain, machine learning, graph databases, etc.


Statistics and analytics are based on mathematics and are an individual field on their own. We specialize in providing analytics through business intelligence and high-end technology.

See the difference.

Using our expert domain knowledge, we create custom dashboards that provide a complete perspective. This proprietary service Equicore provides can help you improve collaboration, increase organizational growth, and access new insights.



Direct access to your selected data feeds provides a custom and real-time visual representation of activity.



Allow approved users to access analytics at all times through mobile interface. Personalized insights per user can also be generated as needed.


Maximize success

Properly link static and dynamic information to create connections and data visualizations of previously unseen insights for maximum success.


Enable new methods of collaboration within your organization and with outside entities in real time and obtain high-level business intelligence.

Yes, we can.

Our team of experts provide a wide variety of IT services. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies to empower the equine industry.



From graphic design, to software user interfaces, we focus on making sure that proven design thinking methodologies are implemented in any solution.


From app development, to custom cross-platform software, we specialize in high end programming in multiple languages along with enterprise level development operations.

Data Science

Being experts on all facets of equine data allows us to use data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in ways the industry has not seen before.

Turn-key Solutions

Looking for a low cost Equine Platform? Allow us to deploy an easy ready-made solution. Our platform breaks down equine data into identification, pedigree, competition, breeding, or other custom fields. Additional custom modules can also be developed and added..


Blockchain with particular focus on Hyperledger, is used to either encrypt and secure turn-key databases for clients, or on custom developed solutions. With vast experience at the forefront of cryptocurrency and blockchain we will help you achieve the best applications.


We have accrued the top domain experts both in and outside the equine industry. Allow us to assist you in modernizing your organization and leveraging technology for increased growth and success. All first evaluation appointments are free.

Explore amazing features

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We built it so you don’t have to.

Deploy a personally branded equine data platform easily and profitably. Our turn-key solutions are designed to support every type of equine organization across the globe.




Our custom platform is capable of aggregating and attaching all identification numbers associated with a horse from multiple sources in one record. Providing the most comprehensive identification in any solution.


Verified pedigrees straight from the sources. No manual entry to ensure higher level of accuracy. Hyperlinks in the pedigree tree provide direct access to information of horses in the pedigree.


National and international competition results can be combined and accessed in one view. Results can be easily searched by keyword, date, or level of competition to enable you to locate the information you want – instantly.


Breeding licenses, performance testing results, and direct links to progeny information can be accessible from the same view. Better data for better breeding decisions.

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